Ketamine Therapy in Marlton, NJ

Are you currently dealing with chronic back pain, migraines or other severe pain symptoms? Are you struggling with mental health troubles like PTSD or anxiety? Alternativ Total Wellness is here to help…we’re your destination for Ketamine therapy in Marlton, NJ. Our facility is based right here in town, and we offer treatments that can help you overcome your symptoms and reclaim your life again.

Ketamine has long been used as an anesthetic in operating rooms, but recent research has found that Ketamine can be a viable and effective treatment for people suffering from severe pain and mental health conditions. It is a safe and manageable method of overcoming these symptoms, and to help patients enjoy a truly better quality of life.

With our Ketamine infusion therapy, we offer a fast acting and innovative treatment for you. Very often patients start to see improvement almost immediately, including when they have not responded to other types of treatments. Ketamine is also a safer and more viable option for patients who cannot take traditional anti-depressants due to side effects.

Your treatment with us starts with a low dosage, and the process takes approximately one hour. Depending on your symptoms that we’re treating, the number of sessions you’ll have with us varies, but we typically provide six sessions over 2-3 weeks. Each session builds on the previous session. Very often, patients begin to feel relief in the first session.

During your time with us, we make sure that your health is our top priority. We constantly monitor heart rate and blood pressure, and we have emergency supplies on hand at all times. Our staff follows rigorous and strict safety standards with all of our patients.

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Take the first step today towards a pain-free life and improved mental health. Contact us and schedule an appointment here. Let Alternativ Total Wellness be your destination for Ketamine therapy in Marlton. We can help you overcome your struggles and feel better again.