Meet Dr. Tijo Thomas

Tijo Thomas D.OTijo Thomas D.O

After working in critical and neuro-critical care, Dr. Tijo Thomas has seen the incapacitating effects depression, anxiety and chronic pain has had on his patients. Being an active person, he is also keenly aware that the modern sedentary lifestyle and diet in highly processed foods leads to many of the chronic conditions our society faces today. He felt compelled to act and established Alternativ Total Wellness with the goal of creating a center that provides comprehensive care which also includes ketamine.

Dr. Tijo Thomas is Fellowship-Trained in Neuro-Critical Care from Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia and received his Critical Care Fellowship from Inspira Medical Center in Vineland, NJ. And, he is Board- Certified in Internal Medicine from St. Michaels Medical Center in Newark, NJ. He is currently active member of the clinical teaching faculty and assistant program director for critical care medicine at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital.

In addition to treating depression, anxiety and chronic pain disorders, Dr. Thomas has a specific interest in helping post TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) and post-stroke patients. Typically, these patients are difficult to treat and have many medical comorbidities making them a challenge for other outpatient providers. Dr. Thomas’ critical care and neuro-critical care experience treating patients when they are critically ill has given him the confidence to treat post-stroke and post TBI patients in the outpatient clinical setting.

Using his unique training and compassionate perspective, Dr. Tijo Thomas is committed to improving patients’ lives. He truly believes that everyone deserves the chance to live a life free from the burdens of mental health disorders and chronic pain. Dr. Thomas is honored to provide his patients with the opportunity for healing.