Ketamine Therapy in Moorestown, NJ

Are you currently struggling with the effects of chronic pain from migraines or back troubles? Are you fighting with mental health conditions like depression, anxiety or PTSD? If you are suffering from these illnesses and nothing seems to be working, try Alternativ Total Wellness. We are your destination for Ketamine therapy in Moorestown, NJ…we’re based just minutes away in Marlton, and we offer treatment that can make a difference for you.

In years past, Ketamine has been used as an anesthetic in operating rooms. But in recent studies, medical researchers have found that Ketamine’s benefits can go beyond anesthesia, and can help people struggling with chronic pain and mental health struggles. Ketamine offers a safe and better way to help patients overcome depression, anxiety and pain symptoms, and provide the better quality of life that everyone deserves.

Our Ketamine infusion therapy is a fast acting treatment for your symptoms. Our patients often see significant improvement over a short period of time, even if they have not been successful with other treatments. Ketamine is also a viable option for patients who cannot take traditional antidepressants due to side effects or other limitations. It has none of the short-term side effects associated with most medications.

When you visit our facility for treatment, we administer a low dose of Ketamine through a session that takes approximately an hour. The number of sessions you attend with us can vary based on your condition being treated, but it usually involves six sessions over two to three weeks. We find that in many cases, patients start to feel improvement following the first session.

During your visits, we take special care to look after your safety. We monitor all of your vital signs throughout your session, including your heart rate, blood pressure and pulse oximetry. We follow strict standards of safety, and we always have medical supplies on hand.

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