Vitamin D for Mental Health

The Sunshine Vitamin: Unlocking Vitamin D's Potential for Mental Health

In the realm of mental health, the search for effective treatment services and preventive measures is ongoing. Amidst this quest, one seemingly simple yet profoundly […]

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Ketamine Infusion for Suicidal Thoughts


Introduction As a doctor specializing in intravenous ketamine infusion for the treatment of major depression, I’ve witnessed firsthand the debilitating impact of depression, particularly in […]

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Ketamine: From Party Recreational to Depression Treatment?

Discover ketamine's transformation from party drug to rapid depression relief. Explore its history, brain connectivity impact, and FDA-approved nasal spray, revolutionizing mental health treatment.

Ketamine, once primarily known as a party recreational, has recently emerged in the spotlight for a very different reason: its potential as a groundbreaking treatment […]

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Ketamine Treatment in South Jersey

Ketamine, a compound that began its journey in the medical realm as an anesthetic during the Vietnam War, has evolved over the decades. Once a […]

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Sharon Osbourne’s Experience with Ketamine Therapy for Depression

Alternativ Total Wellness

Ketamine therapy has recently taken center stage as an effective treatment for depression, with celebrities like Sharon Osbourne going public about their own transformative experiences. […]

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A New Horizon: The Promise of Ketamine in Severe Depression Treatment

ketamine treatment | Alternativ Total Wellness

Recent insights into the medical realm have unveiled the incredible potential of ketamine, traditionally used as an anesthetic, as a ground-breaking treatment for severe, treatment-resistant […]

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IV Vitamin C – Transform Your Post-Chemotherapy Journey

IV Vitamin C

High dose IV Vitamin C can be used to support patients before, during, and after their chemotherapy. Cancer is a battle that countless brave souls […]

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Ketamine Infusion Rivals ECT in Treating Depression

Ketamine Infusion Rivals ECT in Treating Depression

Great News! A new study shows that Ketamine infusion rivals ECT in treating depression. As an experienced doctor specializing in ketamine treatments for the treatment of […]

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Ketamine Infusions for Addiction: Escape the Vicious Cycle

Ketamine Infusions for Addiction

Ketamine infusions for addiction are being used as a tool in treating addiction from alcohol and other substances. If you or someone you know is […]

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From Panic to Peace: Ketamine for Anxiety Relief

Ketamine for Anxiety Relief

The use of Ketamine for anxiety relief has been gaining attention for its potential to provide remarkable results. As a doctor specializing in intravenous ketamine […]

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