Ketamine Therapy in Mount Laurel, NJ

If you are struggling each day with chronic pain, anxiety, depression, PTSD or other problems, Ketamine treatment could be the solution for you. Alternativ Total Wellness can help…we’re your destination for Ketamine therapy in Mount Laurel, NJ. We’re based just a short drive away from you in Marlton, and our staff has the experience and knowledge to help you overcome your troubles help you reclaim your life again.

For many years, Ketamine has been used as an anesthetic in hospital operating rooms. But recently, it’s been discovered by researchers that Ketamine can also help people in everyday life, and that people suffering from chronic pain and mental issues especially could benefit from Ketamine. Used properly, it can help people with pain and depression symptoms enjoy a better quality of life.

Alternativ Total Wellness provides Ketamine therapy that is fast acting and treats your symptoms right away. Patients who try it notice an immediate improvement in overcoming their pain and depression symptoms, especially when they have not responded to typical treatments. Ketamine therapy can be an ideal option for those patients who cannot take antidepressants due to the side effects…Ketamine has none of the typical side effects associated with traditional anti-depression medications.

When you visit our facility for Ketamine treatment, the process takes approximately one hour, and we start with a low dosage. Depending on your condition, your number of sessions with us will vary. In many cases, such as with mental health disorders, we provide six sessions over a two to three week period. Very often our patients start to feel relief in their first session.

You safety when you are with us for treatment is our #1 priority. We continually monitor your vital signs, including your blood pressure, heart rate, and pulse oximetry. We always have necessary emergency equipment on hand and we adhere to rigorous safety standards.

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Reach out to the professionals at Alternativ Wellness today and schedule an appointment, and let us tell you more about the difference our treatments can make for you. We’re your solution for Ketamine therapy in Mount Laurel – and we offer a new solution for you to overcome your struggles.